Monday, April 9, 2007

Wroxy - Miniature Nubian Dairy Goat

What’s black, white, and a little obnoxious? Our miniature Nubian dariy goat, Ober D’ Rainbow PD Wroxy. Even though Wroxy is a little vocal at times, she has been a great addition to our herd. Showing, breeding, and just owning her has been a great experience.

Two years ago at the Clackamas County fair, one of the 4-H members in our club was selling off all of her goats, and one of them just happened to be Wroxy. She was a yearling at the time and of all things had been raised by a Pygmy goat mother. The decision to add to our herd was rather sudden but it all worked out. Since Goat Princess was set on breeding and raising minis, and Wroxy’s owner was heartbroken because she had to sell all of her goats, Goat Princess insisted on the purchase of Wroxy. She agreed to pay for her herself, and we took her home a few days after fair ended. It took quite awhile for her to be accepted by our other does, but she soon found comfort from our Alpine doe Windy, and they became fast friends.

That fall, we bred her to a Nigerian dwarf dairy goat named Ben, and on March 30th and 31st, she had three kids. Around 11:55 pm on March 30th, she kidded a buckling named Romeo. At about 12:05 am on the 31st of March, she kidding a doeling named Juliet. About ten minutes later, she had yet another, but stillborn, buckling. Wroxy has been a great mother and developed a nice udder. At the 2008 county fair, she and her doeling, Juliet, were taken to fair along with all of our other goats. Wroxy took first in her class and Juliet took second place in hers.

After fair we bred her again to Ben, and on April Fool's Day this year, she gave birth to two doelings, Renesmee and Bella. She once again is proving to be a great mother with a very nice udder.

As you can see, Wroxy has become a valuable member of our herd. She has turned out to be a good breeding doe and an attentive mother, two things you need to be thankful for. Our herd wouldn’t be the same without her.
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