Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kidding Kits

One of the smartest things we've ever done was to put together a Rubbermaid tote box full of the things that one might need to help assist with a goat kidding. It all started as a presentation for one daughter's 4H club, and it has become a part of our spring kidding routine ever since. So on that note, I will need to be placing an order with Hoegger's Goat Supply to restock a few items, including Selenium E gel which we give to the does a week or so before their due date and also to the newborn kids right away. Seems to do wonders for those kids who might be a little weak in the legs after birth. Off to order online ...

Monday, January 26, 2009

One Step Closer to Kids

Well we started the process of getting our two does that are due to kid in mid-February a little closer. Each of them received their 2cc of CDT vaccine to boost their protection in order to pass on the benefits to those little kids waiting to be born.

The Ober doe who was bred to a Boer buck is looking plenty big. We dried her up in December, but her udder has never really shrunk down. She seems to still be carrying milk around. Hopefully she's allowing her udder to take a break before she needs to kick in full gear again.

Our first timer black and white Boer doe who was bred to the same Boer buck as the Ober doe really doesn't look preggo at all. Sure hope we don't have a false pregnancy like we experienced with a Boer doe last year. If she would just start to develop a bit of an udder bump, things would look more positive.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Kidding Time Again

I've decided to make a commitment to maintain our blogger accounts ... again ... but I don't feel quite so intimidated this time around.

Kidding is just around the corner with two of our does having been bred to the Boer buck which my daughter bred herself. One doe is an Oberhasli who last year with her second freshening threw a great single doeling with a definite market build who is turning into a great percentage breeding doe for market auction prospects. The other doe is a black and white Boer that struggled to thrive as a youngster, having been a bit of an accident and arrived suddenly during Veterans day. She was given to our family to hand raise and actually spent the entire Christmas holiday in the house until the weather moderated a bit in order to go live outside. Needless to say, we're anxious to see what the Ober will throw and how the Boer will do with her first pregnancy.
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